Fri 08 December, 2017

10:54 #NoHacked 3.0: How do I know if my site is hacked? » Google Webmaster Central Blog
Last week #NoHacked is back on our G+ and Twitter channels! #NoHacked is our social campaign which aims to bring awareness about hacking attacks and offer tips on how to keep your sites safe from hackers. This time we would like to start sharing content from #NoHacked campaign on this blog in your local language!
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Thu 07 December, 2017

09:56 Marketer questions answered: Econsultancy and Google on how to better use data » Google Analytics Blog

Q&A with Econsultancy’s Stefan Tornquist and Google’s Casey Carey

“How can I put data at the center of my organization’s marketing strategy? Which teams need access to that data? And how should I train them to use it successfully?”

On Nov. 15, we hosted a webinar with Econsultancy to answer questions like these and discuss our recent 安徽快3专家预测joint survey of over 700 marketing leaders about how they’re using data to stay ahead in their fields. Casey Carey, Director of Platforms Marketing at Google, and Stefan Tornquist, Vice President of Research at Econsultancy, walked through the results, revealing some fascinating takeaways.

Topics included everything from key skills and training to best practices in data-driven decision-making. One standout lesson? Teams across companies are focused on tying their data and analytics to business outcomes.

After the talk, listeners shared a number of follow-up questions for Casey and Stefan. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most intriguing answers. Interested in the bigger picture? Check out the full webinar along with Q&A here: 7 ways marketing leaders use data to deliver better customer experiences.

1. What are the first steps marketing teams should take when they begin using multi-touch or data-driven attribution?

Casey: First and foremost, attribution is a big data problem. Going into an attribution project, job one is to get your data house in order. Connect all your campaigns, prospective customer touchpoints, and conversion events; start establishing a taxonomy for naming channels, placements, sites, and so on.

Second, you have to reckon with the real organizational and cultural impacts of moving to an attribution model. Companies tend to be organized in channel silos. So when you begin looking at performance across channels to find the optimal mix, you have to break down those barriers. Your executive leadership has to sponsor that, and your teams have to be willing to make the necessary changes.

2. What types of training typically help people in marketing get over the “I’m not an analyst, that’s not my job” attitude and use more data?

Stefan: Many companies see training as either a technical discipline or an employee benefit, and one that comes at a cost. But with marketing becoming more sophisticated and technical, you need an ongoing training program for marketers that includes a foundation in statistics and in analytical practices and thinking, as well as core finance and business knowledge. You also need to provide training on the technologies themselves.

In our own research, we’ve seen that when they’re given the right training, marketers become more effective, stay in the organization longer, and are more likely to be promoted.

(For more on training to use data, check out 安徽快3专家预测How to make everyone on your team a data-savvy marketer.)

3. What are some of the critical skill sets needed to lead this type of transformation and generate buy-in?

Stefan: There’s a close association between marketing and analytics on the one hand and the business outcomes on the other. Leaders of a targeted transformation to data-driven marketing need to understand – and show that they understand – the business’s larger goals and issues. They need to connect abstract principles of analytics to practical outcomes and business KPIs – to close the gap between data and insights. They need to show how practical insights have actually been data-driven, how data gets you real answers that contribute to the business.

4. How can vendors and consultants help companies get the right resources and institute the organizational changes that are needed for success?

Casey: Sometimes a vendor’s goal when they make a sale is to minimize the impact that their technology will have on resources and organizational structures. Companies buying a technology solution have to see that solution as part of an entire process and strategy, and ask vendors to help with that.

I always love when I’m talking to prospective clients and they ask questions such as: “OK, so, how does this impact my org structure? How many people and what skills do I need to actually be successful doing this? What other services should I be considering?” It really instills confidence that they’re actually going to realize the business value from the investment.

5. How do you cast a wider net from a data and analytics standpoint and ensure KPIs don’t miss critical trends and changes?

Stefan: There’s got to be a balance. The insights we provide need to go beyond things like tweaks to make emails perform better. Instead, we need to think both analytically and creatively and ask higher-level questions. Things like, “What are our customers going to be doing in five years that’s going to make our current business model obsolete?”

Casey: You have to build into your organization the discipline to open your field of view so you’re not getting caught by surprise. Sometimes we get so focused on executing and optimizing towards KPIs and we lose that bigger view.

6. Do businesses get hung up on language when it comes to change? Is the word “marketing” sufficient to describe the scope of modern marketing?

Stefan: Perhaps “marketing” isn’t sufficient to describe what modern marketing is becoming. Similarly, we say “digital marketing” even though digital is almost a vestigial word in this context – is there any aspect of marketing today that doesn’t have a digital component?

But the reality is we’re not going to change what we call things. What organizations can do internally is to change the “language-first” perception. To a certain degree, putting new terminology around it – “marketing-led transformation,” for example – does change how other stakeholders perceive it. But the bottom line is that marketing owns that customer relationship and owns that evolving customer knowledge. As such, it’s still going to be the core of whatever change is happening.

Interested in further ways data can improve your entire marketing organization? Check out The Enterprise Marketer's Playbook and learn how to build an integrated data strategy for your team.

Mon 04 December, 2017

05:57 安徽快3专家预测Rendering AJAX-crawling pages » Google Webmaster Central Blog
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  • Verify ownership of the website in Google Search Console to gain access to the tools there, and to allow Google to notify you of any issues that might be found.
  • Test with Search Console's Fetch & Render. Compare the results of the #! URL and the escaped URL to see any differences. Do this for any significantly different part of the website. Check our developer documentation for more information on supported APIs, and see our debugging guide when needed.
  • Use Chrome's Inspect Element to confirm that links use "a" HTML elements and include a rel=nofollow where appropriate (for example, in user-generated content)
  • Use Chrome's Inspect Element to check the page's title and description meta tag, any robots meta tag, and other meta data. Also check that any structured data is available on the rendered page.
  • Content in Flash, Silverlight, or other plugin-based technologies needs to be converted to either JavaScript or "normal" HTML, if their content should be indexed in search.

Fri 01 December, 2017

03:00 The Month in WordPress: November 2017 » WordPress News

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

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Apply to Speak At WordCamp Europe 2018

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Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Initiative

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Further Reading:

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Thu 30 November, 2017

10:31 Get the most out of Data Studio Community Connectors » Google Analytics Blog

Try out the new Community Connectors in the gallery

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Find the connector you need


Vote for your data source


Tell us your story


Wed 29 November, 2017

12:33 WordPress 4.9.1 Security and Maintenance Release » WordPress News
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  1. Use a properly generated hash for the newbloguser key instead of a determinate substring.
  2. Add escaping to the language attributes used on html elements.
  3. Ensure the attributes of enclosures are correctly escaped in RSS and Atom feeds.
  4. Remove the ability to upload JavaScript files for users who do not have the unfiltered_html capability.
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Mon 27 November, 2017

09:01 A reminder about “event” markup » Google Webmaster Central Blog

Thu 16 November, 2017

08:05 Engaging users through high quality AMP pages » Google Webmaster Central Blog

Wed 15 November, 2017

17:16 安徽快3专家预测WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” » WordPress News
03:00 Make your site's complete jobs information accessible to job seekers » Google Webmaster Central Blog

Mon 13 November, 2017

22:53 WordPress 4.9 Release Candidate 3 » WordPress News

Thu 09 November, 2017

08:00 Google Analytics for Firebase: New Look and New Features » Google Analytics Blog

Wed 08 November, 2017

11:00 New tools for managing Google Analytics users » Google Analytics Blog

Tue 07 November, 2017

08:00 Better A/B Testing with Firebase » Google Analytics Blog

Mon 06 November, 2017

21:33 WordPress 4.9 Release Candidate 2 » WordPress News
13:05 Google Analytics 360 + Salesforce: A Powerful Combination » Google Analytics Blog

Thu 02 November, 2017

13:32 Open Source Community Connectors for Data Studio » Google Analytics Blog
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